Paramedic Med-Math Made Easy by Diane Pettway

Paramedic Med-Math Made Easy

Book Title: Paramedic Med-Math Made Easy

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595506356

Author: Diane Pettway

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Diane Pettway with Paramedic Med-Math Made Easy

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As an emergency care professional, you save lives every day. And, while physicians will order various medications to be administered, he or she may not know the strengths or amounts of medication you have available in your ambulance. You, therefore, must convert what you have on hand into an equivalent dose to match the physician's orders.Paramedic Med-Math Made Easy provides step-by-step instructions for the most common, every day formulas you'll use in the field. In its easy to understand format, you'll quickly grasp how to convert pounds to kilograms, teaspoons to milliliters, or grams to milligrams.With the equivalents and formulas laid out, Paramedic Med-Math Made Easy then provides examples showing how formulas are used, along with guidelines to help you understand each calculation. Also included are practical-application problems and their answers. Each scenario illustrates how the application or conversion should be set up, so you can clearly see and understand how the calculation works and where pitfalls may occur.Admittedly, you can choose among several math formula methods to calculate proper doses to administer. Most important, though, is deciding what method works best for you-the one that prevents you from making any errors. Paramedic Med-Math Made Easy will help you do just that.