The Lesson Book: Level Two (The Lesson Books) (Volume 2) by Sherry K. Hayes

The Lesson Book: Level Two (The Lesson Books) (Volume 2)

Book Title: The Lesson Book: Level Two (The Lesson Books) (Volume 2)

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1975813952

Author: Sherry K. Hayes

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Sherry K. Hayes with The Lesson Book: Level Two (The Lesson Books) (Volume 2)

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The Lesson Book is meant to be something that brings peace and rest to moms while giving children more freedom and enjoyment in learning. This is not a workbook. Workbooks ask specific questions and require specific answers. This one is not about specifics, just about giving a framework so that you, the teacher, have less work to do. YOU decide what needs to be copied and dictated. Your child decides what is important enough to be recorded. Besides the written word, there are plenty of spaces for drawings and doodlings (or anything else you want to add, such as a clipping of a picture or a bunch of stickers). In this way it becomes less of a “schoolbook” and more of a memory-keeper for actual learning. This level is for those children who are doing well at reading whole sentences and paragraphs and have a good understanding as to the construction of words and sentences. I love to use this one with the McGuffey’s Second Eclectic Reader (original version from Mott Media), but you could also use it with a simple book such as Arnold Lobel’s Frog and Toad. For more on me, Sherry Hayes, and what I consider to be most important, visit my blog, Mom Delights (